Indian cinema has been around for over a century. It came into being during a time when India was governed by the British East India company. It can be said that the Indian film industry is as old as Hollywood, slightly younger than the latter. General Indian populace loves to watch the cinema. In fact, they consider watching movies as their favorite hobby. For mentioning the history of this industry is simple. It shows that the cinema is something that has deep roots among the people of India. It is one of the reasons why they love to watch it, often without regarding the type of cinema they may be watching. Also note that the Bollywood comprises of Hindi movies, whereas movies made in Malayalam and Tamil Nadu region are referred to as Tollywood, but in general, they all fall under the umbrella of Bollywood when marketed to the overseas world. Tamil cinema in Dubai is very popular, but so is the Hindi cinema. It is considered by many as one of the top means of entertainment in that country. The million-strong populace in that part of the world is from India. This diaspora is there for several reasons, mostly for job and business purposes.


The overall popularity of Bollywood is something of a phenomenon. Part of that has to do with the presence of the Indian diaspora in almost every notable country of the planet. Some movie pundits state that it plays a major role in the success of the Indian cinema in the overseas market. Perhaps, but it cannot be denied that many of the Indian movies are equally popular in foreign countries. Not only that, but they also show their love and appreciation for their stars. Suffice to say that despite the difference of opinion, the overall popularity of Bollywood is something that should be accepted.


The phenomenal success of Indian cinema is such that you can earn good money by opening a cinema in any country in the world. just make sure that you have Indian movies aired on it at least once or twice a week and you will earn a good chunk of money. This is a fact that is acknowledged by many around the world.

Gulf cinema is tremendously popular in the GCC region, but Hindi cinema is also there, so the competition is inevitable. For the public, it offers diverse options for entertainment.