Kuwait projects 2019 program demonstrates its dedication and commitment in different areas of tourism, investments, and leading a diversified economy. The development plans also provide innovation and appreciate human creativity to construct complex processes.

The construction projects include a modern and sophisticated infrastructure with better schemes involving the areas of energy, transport, and health care. Also, Kuwait plans to enhance its economic activities through foreign investments and encourage investors to invest in its upcoming projects.

Since there are many projects on the list, the program insists on covering it up in 2035 Vision program. However, many projects have already been built and many are still undergoing through the construction phase.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 Kuwait’s 2019 projects to help people understand their value and what benefits they are offering to the people.

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Al Zour Refinery

The project was announced in January 2019 and is expected to be completed till 2023. Al Zour Refinery is one of the most complex projects and is considered as one of the country’s active engineering developments. The development plan includes a new oil refinery, a gas import terminal, and a petrochemical plant.

Kuwait Metro

One of the most significant projects, the Kuwait Metro is a rail project that includes modern infrastructure and a complex designing process. It requires a special budget with the collaboration of an international company to reduce any obstacles that might come in the way of its completion.

Sheikh Jaber Causeway

One of the most anticipated events in the history of Kuwait as it is a complicated project that involves the construction of the world’s longest bridges. The Sheikh Jaber Causeway will link Subiyah to Kuwait City. According to the recent reports, the project might surpass China’s longest bridge too.

Silk City

It’s a mega project that is under construction. The Silk City will require more than a 25-year period as it features four villages that will include hotels, hospitals, sports, offices, residences and many other entertainment facilities.

Other Constructional Projects

Many other attractive development projects include the construction of oil and energy refineries, building the largest terminal and developing a top-class port to carry on the trading activities. These development projects are still under consideration as they require huge investments. For this purpose, these projects are still open to foreign investments.